Combined customer and marketing register description and information of Littlebit Design Oy.

Record keeper:

Littlebit Design Oy
Kuusankosken Taideruukki, Kyminväylä 2 i
45700 Kuusankoski

Person(s) in charge of record keeping:
Anniki Jensen-Munk
+358 50 3757254

All personal information is handled in confidence. The information gathered is used in completing sale orders, handling the seller-client relationship and marketing design purposes. Handling of information is limited to customer contact, surveys and other means relevant to client-seller relationship. We do not make profiles on clients.

Information gathered for our records include:

- name
- address
- email address
- phone number

Gathering personal data for marketing purposes (such as email newsletter etc) require consent from each customer individually. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by notice to

Your personal information is handled by the following entities:

- Our company and its employees
- the company responsible for maintaining our website
- payment provider
- shipping company
- our bookkeeper and account agency

Littlebit Design Oy client register is maintained only in digital form, protected by firewalls and other appropriate technical means. The information can be accessed and altered only by people with permission and under confidentiality. The data will not be handled by or transferred to third parties except when necessary for maintaining sever and website functionality.

You can request to see your information at any time, and have the option to request removal of your data from our systems. The data will not be moved outside ETA/EU unless necessary for technical maintenance and continuation of service.

You the customer have the right to know which information on you has been saved to our systems. The request for this shall be sent in writing, and signed, to the following address: Littlebit Design Oy, Kuusankosken Taideruukki, Kyminväylä 2 i, 45700 Kuusankoski. The request can also be made in person at that address. In case of any mistakes in the information, you have the right to request corrections at any time.

Privacy policy updated 26.6.2024

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