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Our collection of earrings is wide and varied. There’s always something big and flashy – statement pieces, even – but also simple and delicate ones. What is important about these pieces is that they are all made carefully with love, combining materials (like wood, steel and textiles) like there’s no tomorrow.

You might have noticed we have divided the earrings into sections by the way they are attached to the ear.

Hook earrings have an open hook that goes through the piercing on your earlobe. We recommend using silicon stoppers with the open hook (hidden behing the ear) so that there’s less chance of the piece getting lost.

Stud earrings are attached with a steel stopper behind the earlobe. Studs are also available with dangling parts, with steel dips or without.

Hoop earrings are fastened by bending the end of the open hoop through a “hook” on the other end. In many models the hoop itself can be unattatched to the rest of the design – this is not a flaw, but a characteristic of the piece.

Be bold when choosing your earrings. We know that familiar designs attract, but go wild with the design, size and style. If your outfit calls for something more, a pair of flashy earrings might just be the thing to do it! Explore with an open mind and decide what it is that fits You!

Experiment with colours. Bright colours go great with black clothing, and bring your outfit a little more life and sparkle. You can go as wild as you want; earrings do not need to match your outfit, combine colours and textures as you wish! This way you can achieve a more interesting look you might actually love. It’s quite alright to go a little crazy!

We often get great comments on our flashiest earrings. And at the same time people say they can’t wear them because “I have a short neck”. Please remember that our earrings come with many, many sizes and styles, and it is quite safe to throw away the notion of needing a long neck to wear big earrings. It’s simply not true!

The point is that you are comfortable with what you choose to wear. No jewelry looks good if it feels awkward – and looks great if it feels like you own it! Order your own cool pieces easily online – Littlebit Design is your best partner in this.

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