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When ordering a piece with your chosen message, please pay attention to how you communicate your wish to us. Correct or intended spelling is important! Please fill in your message in the field marked as ”insert your message here”

Also pay attention to CAPITAL letters and possible punctuation. We will print your text exactly as it is given to us.


“today is a good day” will be written in lowercase

“Today is a good day” will be written in lowercase, with the first letter capitalized

”TODAY IS A GOOD DAY” will be in all caps

Please also note where you want the text to go. If not otherwise stated, the text will be printed in the middle of the piece, either horizontally or vertically as fitting.

Personal message pieces are non-returnable, notwithstanding a fault by the manufacturer. For example a piece ordered in all uppercase but intended as lowercase, or a mistake in sizing are not manufacturing faults.

When ordering multiple text pieces at once, please specify which size you want with which message. Be sure to be specific and thorought with your information.

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