Drop earrings with stud

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Stud earrings are fastened with a steel stopper behind the earlobe. This category offers stud earrings with hanging parts for your shopping pleasure. These pieces come in various materials – wood, plastic, steel, paper leather…

Hanging earrings complement your style with a bit of an edge, even more so when you wear some of our one-of-a-kind pieces. Got a little nuts and order several pairs, so you always have the perfect choice available for any outfit, occasion or style.

Of course your earrings do not always have to match your outfit! Change your game with a big and colorful pair to playfully spice up any style. A little craziness is good for you!

Hanging stud earrings can be pretty, delicate and small or big, bold and flashy. Play around with shapes as well – do you prefer straight lines and sharp angles or round and wavy ones?

You decide how to rock your style today!

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