Custom-text necklace (9mm x 77mm)


Hand stamped pendant:
9mmx77mm, made from Pure Food Safe Aluminium

Steel pendant:
13mm skin friendly stainless steel with a glass setting

800mm skin friendly stainless steel ball-chain

At the payment page there is a comments box. Write the text you wish to ad to the text pendant.
Vertical text max 15 letters
Horizontal text max 20 letters
The spacing counts for 2 letters, and if the text is long it will be behind the picture pendant if that is added.

Please see the different options for prices.
If you ad a picture pendent write the product number from the earrings section.
The chains come in lengths of 700mm or 800mm. 800mm is standard.


  • Text pendant 9x77mm
  • Text pendant 10x77mm with one 13mm pendant
  • Text pendant 10x77mm with one 17mm pendant
  • 2 x Text pendants 9x77mm on the same chain