Product details

Stainless Steel, Glass, Aluminum

In our production we aim to use only skin friendly and safe materials.

The necklaces, earrings and picture pendants are made from stainless steel. Please be aware that all stainless steel contains very small amounts of Nickel. These products are within the limits of the EU regulations EN1811-2011.

Our text jewelry are stamped on "1100 pure aluminum". Also know as food-safe aluminum. Its a very pure and soft aluminum that is gentle on the skin. It quickly obtains the temperature of the body making it comfortable to wear.

Aluminum is light and soft and it scratches easily specially when worn with other jewelry. Please be aware the we cannot be held responsible for scratches that might occur when wearing the jewelry.

The text's are stamped by hand so there will occur small imperfections, and the letters will not be straight. This is part of the design, making each item unique.    

The bracelets are made from the same soft aluminium. They fit wrists from 165mm to 200mm, please try to avoid opening and closing the bracelets since it will eventually break the bracelet. The gab should just slide over the inner part of the wrist and be turned into place.